Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to The Love Meter!

Find your love match with the Love Meter... the smartest love calculator for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Unlike other name compatibility and love tester apps, the Love Meter is NOT a random number generator. Instead, it takes various complex factors into consideration when calculating your compatibility percentage. We can't say any more than that – Cupid never reveals his secrets.

Just enter your names and place your thumbs on the heart buttons. Hold still.... and wait for the twang of Cupid's arrow.

The Love Meter also includes Love Attack and Heartbreaker modes: perfect for reeling in hotties and warding off creeps.

Screen your dating prospects. Quiz your crushes. Play love doctor. Determine your chances of true love. All under the guidance and commentary of the ultimate matchmaker: Cupid!

Download the Love Meter in the iTunes store today!